30 Oct, 2019

2021 is Declared to be the Year of Fruits and Vegetables

FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization) has declared 2021 to be the year of fruits and vegetables by improving sustainable and healthy food production through new technologies and innovations. Another aim is to reduce food loss and waste during several agricultural operations.

Qu Dongyu, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization, has launched the categorising at the UN General Assembly in December. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of fruits and vegetables in human health, nutrition and food security. According to Mr Dongyo, this initiative is an exceptional opportunity to raise global recognition.

He added that the ongoing pandemic had challenged the world to find new ways and weapons to fight malnutrition and hunger. Importance of digital technologies in upgrading market opportunities and nutrition will be highlighted. We also need a better immune system for fighting the pandemic circumstances, brought up only by a healthy diet.
Mr Dongyo also encouraged the globe to see 2021 as a chance to enhance farming practices and infrastructure consequently supporting small scale farmers. He described how fruits and vegetables are a good source for farmers to create cash crops and an opportunity to consider the delicacy of food systems.

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