Digital Technology Can Significantly Boost Farm Productivity and Profitability

Justin Webb, John Fargher and Kevin Baum who co-founded AgriWebb are here with the suggestion to adopt the digital technology for better financial performance in Australian agriculture. Justin Webb said that we could make the agriculture industry a hundred billion dollars-a-year sector by 2030. AgriWebb's software is designed to digitalise the farmers and livestock managers' information onto a digital stage, which will allow them to make data-driven decisions. It will enhance and lift their productivity and efficiency in farm operations. The USA, UK, Brazil and South Africa are also following AgriWebb's initiative. According to Mr Justin Webb, the agriculture industry is the least digitalised industry despite a $62 billion contribution to Australia's economy.

To reach this milestone, we need to endorse digital technology and innovation in the agriculture sector for better productivity and profitability. The Federal Government can uplift the digital technology by providing more support for its faster adoption and giving out more financial incentives to this sector.

To normalise digital technology, we require educational and awareness programs for the farmers to show them how they can get an advantage and active development. According to Mr Webb, this technology adoption is beneficial not only for farmers but also for the software designers and technology producers.

Christine Eve

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