The uSee remote monitoring system is a revolutionary web based remote camera and data solution. The uSee system allows you to remotely monitor and control any number of sites from anywhere in the world using a phone, tablet or computer. 

uSee solar powered remote camera

Watch anything anywhere in the world. From a watering point or tank to a gate or house you can do it with the uSee remote cameras. NextG or satellite options are available. You can even take an image on demand.

uSee solar powered live view camera

If you need more than time lapse images, then the uSee Live view camera is for you! Watch live on your phone, tablet or computer. Day or night.

uSee Tank and Irrigation Monitoring

Monitor your tank or irrigation from anywhere in the world. The uSee tank level sits on top of the tank and lets you keep an eye on the level. You can even get an text alert if the level is getting low! Monitoring your tank and irrigation just became simple!

uSee Weather Station

The uSee weather station is a reliable, cost effective way to monitor the weather. The data is collected and automatically logged on the uSee website for review.

The RFID Pipe Reader

The Pipe Reader is a tough, RFID eartag reader designed for livestock. The included software lets you easily download and record the recorded RFID numbers.

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