Imagine having a farm note book that always has the most up to date information on everything that happens on the farm, well it's here and it's just got even better!

F-Track 2.5, is the newly developed on-the-go farm management app that lets multiple users record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want.

New Features

  • A customizable dashboard to suit any farms enterprise structure
  • Graphically enhanced and intuitive to use - Minimal clicks/swipes/taps
  • Visual display of information using Maps, icons and pins
  • Ability to export data collected to other platforms
  • Improved synchronization of data
  • Integrated nearest weather station and USEE monitoring systems for weather data, trough cameras, tank sensors and other remote monitoring equipment

F-Track 2.5 comes loaded with 11 Different modules to choose from that can help you track everything on your farm.

New Modules include: Rainfall records, chemical Inventory, labour records and a farm activity news feed.

Livestock Manager tracks animal enterprises, records movements, treatments, events, purchases and sales over multiple properties.

Crop Manager tracks all farming events, such as spraying, sowing, tillage, harvesting etc.

Task / Diary Management feature allows users to allocate tasks between users, set reminders and organise you farms activities

Paddock mapping, tracking and task location function.

Silo Manager records on/off farm grain information, quality, type and location.

Fuel inventory feature allows tracking of on farm fuel usage and storage.

Through synchronization with an online server all data entered is constantly updated and when out of range, data is stored locally and updated when possible. This app can be utilized for individual farmers but farms with multiple users will see the real benefit, with all managers and staff able to input data, keeping the most accurate farm book available.

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