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New and improved F-Track Farm App released



Following the success of the first F-Track Live, Farm Apps, a leading agricultural smart phone app provider, is launching two new and improved apps, the F-Track live 2.5 and F-track Manager at Beef Week 2015 in Rockhampton.

Using the latest innovation and technology, the new F-Track Version 2.5 is an on-the-go farm management app that allows multiple users to record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want. Essentially F-track live is an field data gathering app, that allows input regardless of mobile coverage and displays all current farm activities, livestock and inventory levels.

Features of the new F-Track Version 2.5 include an improved visual display, customisable interface (modular display), cross platform app (apple, android, windows), live data feeds (weather), more tracking modules (chemical inventory and rainfall), different languages, faster recording of farm events, push notification systems to send updated notices and deliver custom reports.


The second app released works in unison with the infield app, designed for tablets, ipads and PC’s, it utilises the bigger screen for interactive mapping controls, extensive reporting capabilities and extra features not required in the field version.

Managing Director of Farm Apps Jock Graham says the F-Track Version 2.5 and F-track Manager is the next generation of the F-Track system and is excited at the prospect of displaying the apps at Beef Australia 2015 in Rockhampton next month.

“We decided to redesign F-Track to enable the system to be scalable, cross platform and suitable for almost any farm on the planet,” Jock said. “As such, we have improved the cloud synchronisation method, re-written the app for all smartphones and introduced a new level of customisation that can suit almost any farm’s needs.”

“We created the first F-Track Live to solve the problem of sharing farm information, typically kept in a farmer’s notebook. It has been downloaded more than 12500 thousand times since its launch in 2012, and is currently used by many farms across a variety of enterprises all over the country,” he said.

“But, the new version is even better than before. Users of the new app can record livestock activities, such as mob movements, record crop input rates, manage inventory such as fuel, grain and chemicals, and record tasks to be shared.

“You can instantly recognise that the structure of the app has changed. There are no longer any static menus or predefined parts that must always display, so the user has complete customisation of what modules are displayed on the home screen,” he said.

Designed for mixed farms, the F-Track Version 2.5 allows interaction between enterprises to be tracked properly, instead of a one enterprise system.

“The simple and inexpensive app works across all smart phones and is accessible on and off line. Data captured is solely for the use of the client and not utilised by Farm Apps for any purpose,” Jock said.

The F-Track Version 2.5 app is available to download from the Apples App Store, Google Play Store and other relevant app stores for smartphones, tablets and ipads at a cost of $30 per month or $300 per year, for up to five users. The F-Track Version 2.5 app will be on display at Beef Australia 2015 at Rockhampton from 4-9 May 2015.

For more information, visit www.ftracklive.com or phone 0408 449 844.


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